Flexo-Printing Equipment Corporation

Rotary Die-Cutters

Siat RT-50LDC

8" Wide Label Die-Cutter/Slitter with Turret Rewind

Provides Turret Rewinding efficiency in the production of blank label rolls for Thermal Transfer Printers.

  1. 3" ID core, friction brake controlled unwind mandrel with 19" OD capacity

  2. Nipped pull roller

  3. Double die-cutting station with top and bottom cutting capacity

  4. Friction clutch driven, waste matrix pull roller and rewind mandrel

  5. Turret rewind system with 3 ID, friction clutch driven rewind mandrels with 12 OD capacity

  6. Roll holder/wiper brush unit with rewind clutch disengagement bearing

  7. Control panel

  8. Storage cabinet

Optional Accessories

  1. Rewind turret with 3 each 1" ID core rewind mandrels

  2. Coreless rewind mandrels

  3. Web guides

  4. Splice table

  5. Larger unwind roll capacity

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RT-50LDC 8" wide label die-cutter with turret rewind


RT-50L 6" wide label S/R with web guide, splice table, and turret rewind
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