Flexo-Printing Equipment Corporation

Narrow Web Slitter/Rewinder

  • Designed primarily for pressure-sensitive tape

  • 6" wide web bench top units with razor slitting

  • Salvage rewinders to correct telescoped or poorly wound rolls

  • Versatile 12" wide web T-330 offers:

    • Razor, score knife, rotary shear, and rotary die slitting options

    • Twin turret rewind

    • Interchangeable 1", 1-1/2", and 3" ID core rewind

    • Pneumatic expanding mandrel options

    • Caliper compensating rewind mandrel options

    • Roll end tabbing system

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T-330 12" wide S/R

T-330 12" wide S/R with razor blade/score knife/rotary die slitting and twin turret 3" ID core rewind

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